Puja Sharma

Puja Sharma Puja Sharma

Greetings! I am an experienced and passionate Western vocal teacher, dedicated to nurturing the artistic potential within each of my students. With a solid foundation in vocal technique and a deep love for music, I am committed to helping aspiring singers unlock their full potential and develop their unique voices.

Having embarked on my own musical journey from a young age, I understand the importance of a strong technical foundation. Through years of training and performance experience, I have developed a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses both classical and contemporary vocal techniques. My approach emphasizes the development of proper breath control, vocal placement, range expansion, and vocal health. By focusing on these fundamental aspects, students can achieve a solid vocal technique that allows for expressive and authentic performances across various musical genres.

In addition to technique, I believe in fostering a nurturing and supportive environment that encourages self-expression and creativity. I work closely with my students to understand their individual goals, musical preferences, and unique vocal qualities. This personalized approach allows me to tailor my teaching methods and repertoire selection to suit the specific needs and interests of each student.

My curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including:

Vocal Technique:

Breath control, support, and diaphragmatic breathing exercises.
Vocal warm-ups and exercises to improve range, flexibility, and tone quality.
Vocal placement and resonance techniques to enhance vocal projection and clarity.
Music Theory and Ear Training:

Note reading, rhythm, and sight-singing exercises.
Ear training exercises to develop pitch accuracy and harmonic recognition.
Repertoire Development:

Exploration of various musical genres, including classical, pop, jazz, and musical theater.
Selection and interpretation of songs that showcase the student’s vocal abilities and musical style.
Performance Skills:

Stage presence, body language, and expression techniques.
Interpretation and emotional connection to the lyrics and music.
Techniques for overcoming stage fright and building confidence.
Studio Recording and Microphone Technique:

Introduction to studio recording techniques and microphone usage.
Developing an understanding of sound engineering and the technical aspects of recording.
Through a holistic and engaging teaching approach, I aim to empower my students to express themselves authentically, explore their artistic potential, and find joy in the art of singing. Together, we will embark on a musical journey filled with growth, self-discovery, and the fulfillment of vocal aspirations.

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