Aarti Shah

Aarti Shah Aarti Shah

KiAarti Shah is a highly skilled violin teacher who has dedicated her life to imparting the art of playing the violin to students of all ages. With her expertise and passion for music, she has become a renowned figure in the field of music education. Aarti holds a certification from TRINITY at Grade 3, which showcases her proficiency and commitment to her craft.
For many years, Aarti has been associated with Ipley Music, a reputable music institution known for its excellence in teaching various instruments. Her extensive experience working with Ipley Music has shaped her teaching methods and allowed her to refine her approach to violin instruction.

Aarti’s violin teaching plan for beginners encompasses the first seven classes, which lay the foundation for mastering the instrument. Her well-thought-out plan combines technical exercises, music theory, and practical assignments to ensure a comprehensive learning experience. Here’s an overview of her teaching plan:

Class 1: Introduction and Orientation

Aarti introduces herself, establishes rapport with the student, and explains the structure of the violin.
She teaches the proper way to hold the violin, bow, and the correct posture for playing.
Basic hand positioning exercises are introduced to help the student become familiar with the instrument.

Class 2: Bowing Techniques

Aarti focuses on teaching the different bowing techniques, such as long bows, short bows, and staccato.
She emphasizes proper bow grip and posture to achieve the desired sound quality.
Simple bowing exercises are introduced to develop control and coordination.

Class 3: Fingering and Notes

Aarti introduces the placement of fingers on the fingerboard and explains the concept of half steps and whole steps.
The student learns the names of the open strings and basic finger patterns.
Simple melodies and exercises are practiced to reinforce finger placement and note reading.

Class 4: Rhythm and Timing

Aarti emphasizes the importance of rhythm and timing in playing the violin.
Basic note values, such as whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, and eighth notes, are introduced.
Students learn to play simple rhythms and clap along to develop a sense of timing.

Class 5: Introducing the Left Hand

Aarti focuses on developing the left hand technique.
The student learns the proper way to place fingers on the fingerboard and play different notes.
Basic scales and finger exercises are introduced to strengthen finger dexterity.

Class 6: Bowing Articulations

Aarti teaches various bowing articulations, such as legato, staccato, and détaché.
The student learns to apply these techniques to different musical phrases.
Simple pieces that incorporate bowing articulations are introduced.

Class 7: Musical Interpretation and Expression

Aarti guides the student on expressing emotions and musical interpretation while playing.
The student learns to add dynamics, such as crescendo and decrescendo, to create musical nuances.
More complex melodies and etudes are introduced to enhance musicality.

Throughout these classes, Aarti ensures a balance between technical exercises and enjoyable repertoire to keep the student motivated and engaged. Her teaching style is patient, encouraging, and tailored to meet the individual needs and goals of each student.

With Aarti Shah as their violin teacher, beginners embark on a rewarding musical journey, gradually building their skills and developing a deep appreciation for the art of playing the violin. Her dedication and experience make her a trusted mentor for aspiring violinists of all ages.

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