Dev Rajput

Dev Rajput

Dev Rajput is a passionate pianist with 16 years of experience specializing in teaching music to children. He has successfully taught over 100 students to date and has gained a reputation for being patient and highly experienced in his field. Dev’s expertise lies in teaching Western music, and he follows the curricula of prestigious examination boards such as Trinity College London, ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music), and Rock School. Additionally, Dev has handled numerous international students, further showcasing his ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

As a music teacher, Dev Rajput understands the importance of nurturing young musicians and guiding them on their musical journey. He approaches teaching with a deep sense of passion and a commitment to providing his students with a comprehensive education. Dev believes that every child possesses unique potential waiting to be unlocked, and he tailors his teaching methods to suit the individual needs and learning styles of his students.

Dev’s curriculum is designed to provide a well-rounded musical education, focusing on technical proficiency, musical expression, and an appreciation for music. Here is a sample curriculum for one week of piano lessons with Dev Rajput:

Week 1 – Beginner Level

Day 1:

Introduction to the piano: Parts of the piano, keyboard layout, hand position, and posture.
Basics of music notation: Learning the staff, treble and bass clefs, and note values (quarter, half, and whole notes).
Finger exercises: Practicing finger independence and dexterity through simple exercises.
Day 2:

Reviewing note names: Identifying notes on the keyboard and associating them with their corresponding positions on the staff.
Introduction to rhythm: Understanding time signatures (4/4) and learning basic rhythms such as whole, half, and quarter notes.
Playing simple melodies: Learning to play a beginner-level piece with the right hand, focusing on accuracy and hand position.
Day 3:

Left-hand technique: Introducing the left hand and practicing coordination between the hands.
Dynamics and expression: Exploring dynamic markings (piano, forte) and basic articulations (legato, staccato) to add expression to playing.
Playing scales: Starting with the C major scale, understanding the concept of scales and practicing proper fingerings.
Day 4:

Chords: Introduction to basic triads (C major, D minor) and learning how to play them in different inversions.
Sight-reading exercises: Introducing simple sight-reading exercises to improve note-reading skills.
Ensemble playing: Collaborating with another student to play a duet or a simple accompaniment.
Day 5:

Musical theory: Introduction to intervals (2nd, 3rd, 4th) and understanding their relationship to melody and harmony.
Ear training: Listening exercises to develop pitch recognition and musical memory.
Review and practice: Reviewing the concepts covered during the week and practicing assigned pieces, scales, and exercises.
Please note that the provided curriculum is a sample for beginners, and Dev Rajput customizes the curriculum based on the student’s skill level, goals, and progress. His teaching approach is tailored to ensure a personalized learning experience for each student, allowing them to grow and develop their musical talents effectively.

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